Anomaly Scan week 19-23

Shows life with heartbeat

Assesses presence of single or multiple foetuses

Measures the size of the foetus

Determines placement of placenta

Measures amount of amniotic fluid

Scans through organs of the foetus to check for anomalies

In this scan, all the organs of the foetus are examined. We measure the size, amount of amniotic fluid and determine the placement of the placenta. If you wish, we also check the gender of the foetus. You receive images in 2D and 3D.

The purpose of anomaly scan is to ensure that the development of the foetus is as expected

Week 19-23 in the pregnancy is the optimal time for an ultrasound scan to check for possible developmental anomalies. First, we determine the placement of the placenta and we determine whether there is a normal amniotic fluid. The foetus's head, stomach size and the length of the thigh bone are measured. You can also hear the heart beat. And if you wish, we can determine the gender of the foetus.

What can be seen in the anomaly scan?

Below are just a few of the things we look and check through at an anomaly scan:

The head / brain
The heart
The lungs
The diaphragm
The stomach
The kidneys
The bladder
The umbilical cord
The spine

The anomaly scan examines most organs and can be used to check for any potential diseases and disorders.


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