Early Scan (2D)

Approx. 15 min. (week 6+0-13+6)

500 DKK

Priced reduced by 100 DKK on additional early scans within the same pregnancy

Early Anomaly Scan

Approx. 30 min. (week 14+0-18+6)

900 DKK

Gender Scan (2D)

Approx. 20 min. (week 14+0-40+)

600 DKK

Comfort Scan (incl. 3D)

Approx. 30 min. (week 15+0-40+)

700 DKK

Anomaly Scan (3D/4D)

Approx. 45 min. (week 19+0-22+0)

900 DKK

3D Scan

Approx. 45 min. (week 24-32)

900 DKK

3D/4D Scan incl. Comfort Scan

Approx. 60 min. (week 24-32)

1.200 DKK


With 3D scans you receive black/white and coloured photos, with the option of receiving these on email, if so desired.

With the 3D/4D scan - all inclusive, pictures and video sequences are transferred onto a USB stick. Additionally, pictures will be printed and presented in a lovely little photo album for you to take home. 

The photo album can also be purchased for all other types of scans, at an additional cost of 100 DKK.

Similarly, the USB stick can be purchased for 50 DDK.


Payment is in cash or with Dankort (we do not accept mastercard).

If you wish to change the agreed scanning appointment more than 1 day before the appointment, this is possible free of charge. In case of change less than 1 day before, 50% of the price is charged. In case of no-show, the full amount of the scan will be charged.

Gift Cards

You can also purchase gift certificates. You can pick up and pay for your gift card at the clinic or order it by phone or email and transfer the money to the account: 2063 3496693115. Remember to write your name upon the transfer.


Online booking (in Danish)